Linguine is an operating system for public space, enabling the coordination and control of a variety of urban infrastructures and technologies such as lighting, cameras, projectors and fountains.

Linguine is a software platform we have developed to make it easy to design and deploy citizen-focused interactive environments in public urban spaces. Often during the production of architecture, the processes of design, simulation, construction and occupancy are regarded as separate. With Linguine, all stages of the production process use the same piece of software, enabling a continuity of medium through which ongoing, iterative design feedback is possible – even after the space has been occupied – which enables a better design process and continual design improvements.

Linguine has been successfully deployed to choreograph ‘Another Life’ in Bradford, England, one of Europe’s largest permanent interactive public artworks. Another Life is an urban-scale projection environment that has transformed a new public park into an engaging and inviting outdoor interactive environment. Integrated into the infrastructure of the city park, it brings the park to life and plays on the idea of creating urban myths, by drawing unexpected dancing patterns of light and lasers on and around visitors as they move through it. Never the same on two days running, the piece encourages people to become players upon the urban stage by choreographing the lasers, projections, fountains, ambient illumination and ground lighting of the park in a symphony of interactive urban experiences.

Feature photo by vagueonthehow @ flickr