Natural Fuse creates a city-wide network of electronically-assisted plants that act both as energy providers and as circuit breakers to prevent carbon footprint overload.

Natural Fuse is a micro-scale CO2 monitoring and overload protection framework that works locally and globally, harnessing the carbon-sinking capabilities of plants. A power socket enables people to power or recharge their electrical appliances and devices while the plant’s growth offsets the carbon footprint of the energy expended. Since typical energy use requires more than one plant to offset an appliance’s carbon footprint, Natural Fuses are networked so that unused carbon offsetting capacity in the network as a whole can be accounted for as necessary.

Natural Fuses allow only a limited amount of energy to be expended in the system: that amount is balanced by the amount of CO2 that can be absorbed by the plants that are growing in the system. By networking them together, the units can “borrow” excess capacity from other units not currently being used in order to share their capacity and take advantage of carbon-sinking-surplus in the system as a whole, since it is likely that not all Natural Fuses will be in use at any one time.

If people cooperate on energy expenditure then the plants thrive (and everyone may use more energy, while remaining carbon neutral); but if they don’t then the plants start to be killed, thus diminishing the network’s electricity capacity as a whole.