Transformer is a participatory experiment in which people collaborate or compete to collect resources in complete darkness, aided by a suit of wearable sensors and actuators.

Structured as a social experiment in team building, up to 20 participants engage in a competitive game where the key to winning involves heightened self-awareness and proprioception mediated through body tracking sensors, visual perception and audio actuators. The game encourages people to question how technology can help or hinder them in making sense of themselves and the people around them.

Each player wears a powersuit laced with technology - muscle and light sensors, vibration and sonic actuators where the only light source is built into the glove of each powersuit. Players compete against each other to collect all the tokens hidden in the game, with the winner being the player with the most tokens, collected while using the least amount of energy.

The game presents a dilemma to the players, which helps them focus on working either alone or together: each powersuit powers down with every movement made so the more a player moves the less light they have to find the tokens. But powersuits can be recharged using the glove light, so players need to decide whether to go solo and power on through or form teams to share their power and win the game.