The Urban Innovation Toolkit helps you plan urban technology projects by methodically organising and joining up problems, stakeholders, methods, evidence and impact

The Toolkit takes you through four rounds of examining its problems, stakeholders, methods, evidence and impact in ever greater detail. You will start at a very high level, rapidly mapping out concepts. In subsequent rounds you will look at how these join up, expose inconsistencies or identify missing parts. By the end of the fourth round you will have explored both the bigger picture and its details, and be able to articulate both within and outside your core team what the project is, who it will involve and what it aims to achieve.

By using the Urban Innovation Toolkit you can:

  • Design, test and evaluate 'smart city' initiatives
  • Derisk experimentation with technology
  • Understand barriers to innovation before wide deployment
  • Help innovative solutions to succeed
  • Articulate a business case for change
  • Demonstrate a commitment to impact

The Urban Innovation Toolkit, created by Umbrellium, commissioned by Future Cities Catapult.