Vitis Veritas is a spectacular building facade lighting system that generates a living, breathing engagement with the passing public.

Vitis Veritas spectacularly lights up almost any kind of facade. In contrast to most interactive facade lighting systems VV directly harnesses people’s creative interactions, improves environmental health and even retains a neutral carbon footprint.

Although the lighting system has a considerable carbon footprint even before it’s switched on, climbing plants (e.g. clematis & honeysuckles) grow up the rails, helping sequester carbon as their biomass increases. The plant growth only offsets the base level energy consumption of the simplest (and least interesting) lighting effect and to generate more spectacular lighting effects, members of the public can help offset a larger carbon footprint.

At the base of the facade a ‘prescription’ dispenser offers advice on how to help offset increased energy use by the installation. Prescriptions include things like “Pee in the shower for a week”, “Ask someone a question instead of Googling”, “Reuse a plastic bag instead of getting a new one” or “Plant a flower” – each of these actions has a carbon value that can be applied to lighting effects on the facade. Once somebody confirms via the VV website that they have completed an activity, they can use their “carbon budget” to paint their own patterns and animations directly on to the building facade. The more people participate, the more carbon is saved and the more spectacular the facade becomes.