Assemblance is an immersive environment filled with three-dimensional interactive light-structures sculpted and manipulated by people's movements and gestures.

Through sweeping gestures and gentle movements that leave trails of light behind and around them, people become players on a stage, collaborating with each other to build complex forms or destroying them if they’re not careful. The space, a fully immersive interactive virtual environment made ‘real’ by using light much like a physical material, aims to remove arbitrary distinctions between physical and virtual. Assemblance explores how to structure participation in order to build trust between people who must sometimes suspend disbelief in order to cooperate and co-exist.

Assemblance at the Barbican's Digital Revolution

In the nineteenth century, we wondered about the distinction between ‘mind’ and ‘body’. Assemblance, an experiment in structuring participation, asks us to consider whether we might, in the twenty-first century, be making similarly arbitrary distinctions in separating ‘physical’ from ‘virtual’; ‘real’ from ‘imagined’; and ‘mine’ from ‘yours’.

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Assemblance lasers kindly sponsored by Kvant Laser Systems and Pangolin Laser Systems.