VoiceOver Finsbury Park

Hyperlocal social radio by Umbrellium.

The Smart Crossing - The World's First Responsive Road | Direct Line

Responsive road infrastructure created by Umbrellium.

The Technology Behind The Smart Crossing | Direct Line

Designing and building the Starling Crossing.

The Smart Crossing | Full Version | Direct Line

Introducing a new prototype pedestrian crossing.

Mutually Assured Construction

Usman Haque talk at Re:publica, Berlin, 2017

Searching for the internet of things

Usman Haque (Umbrellium / Thingful) discusses the potential of the internet of things and how his organisation is helping unlock that potential.

Tools for Citizen Empowerment - Usman Haque

Talk on Messy Cities at Brain Bar Budapest

Mini Burble by Umbrellium | Quays Culture

Mini Burble in Salford, UK

Burble Facade at H&M Flagship Store Opening, Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

Cambridge Internet of Things Talks - Moeen Khawaja from Thingful

Recorded at the Cambridge Internet of Things meetup.

Interview with Mischa Dohler and Usman Haque

IOT360 Summit

Making sense - Data discovery, entitlement & agency

Talk at Structure Connect 2014

Mini Burble Paris

Project preparation and deployment on site.

Mini Burble Creative vision

Interview with Umbrellium founding partner, Usman Haque

Assemblance at the Barbican's Digital Revolution

Project development and interviews.

Umbrellium at the Barbican

CraneTV interview about Assemblance

Canary or the coal mine - data, meaning and the internet of things

Usman Haque speaking at ThingsCon, Berlin.

In Praise of Messy Cities

Lecture at The Bartlett, UCL Faculty of the Built Environment

Participatory Platforms for the Internet of Things

Talk at ThingMonk 2013

Grub Street & the Super Wicked – In Praise of Messy Cities

Talk about the intellectual history of smart cities at Future Everything 2013

Connecting Citizens

Talk at Future London 2012