Umbrellium works with ambitious cities & companies throughout the world to design and activate urban environments with technology. Based in London, UK, we have almost two decades experience designing and building urban technology products and services for resilient cities across the globe. Our goal is to unite the human-scale with the city-scale, engaging communities in technology deployments to de-risk and boost innovation. Some of our acclaimed work includes:

Team Members

  • Usman Haque

    Creative Director, Founding Partner

    Trained as an architect designing both physical environments and software systems, Usman launched the company in 2007 to transform how cities are designed and built. Author of dozens of articles on cities, citizen participation and the internet of things, he is a recipient of Japan Media Arts Festival's Excellence Prize, Asia Digital Art Award's Grand Prize and a World Technology Award.

  • Andrew Caleya Chetty

    Chief Strategy Officer, Partner

    With two decades experience in technology deployment and product creation, Andrew has founded cultural, technology and entertainment initiatives for interactive participatory experiences across the UK. His expertise includes strategic planning for community participation, developing robust financial models for cutting-edge technology and managing production logistics for complex urban projects.

  • Sam Mulube

    Chief Technology Officer, Partner

    Sam is an experienced software engineer fluent in the full stack of web technologies from browser to data center, as well as complexities of network communication in low-powered and memory constrained devices. He provides technical leadership on all our projects, placing a strong emphasis on code performance, rigorous testing and continuous deployment, as well as keeping the team on its toes.

  • Nitipak ‘Dot’ Samsen

    Senior Creative Technologist, Partner

    An all-round designer with years of experience in software, hardware and technology development, Dot joined the company in 2008 and gave it the name Umbrellium in 2013. He originally trained in Thailand as an architect and graduated with a Design Interactions masters from RCA, receiving Future of Money Design Award 2011, and a 2012 Special Jury Award at the Biennial of Design, Ljubljana.

  • Ling Tan

    Senior Designer & Coder

    Featured in 2018’s Top 100 Women in Wearable and Consumer Tech, Ling leads Umbrellium’s work on wearables and air quality. A frequent panellist and workshop leader on urban technology issues, she is an experienced designer, maker and software developer, trained as an architect in both Singapore and the Bartlett School of Architecture, and specialising in social wearables and community participation.

  • Dan Sloane

    Production Manager

    With 20 years experience delivering technology-based solutions for live events and permanent installations, Dan has worked with dozens of global brands including Google, Youtube, British Airways, Ford Motor Company, BP, Castrol, Sky and Rolls Royce. A technical director and founder of Sloane Squared, he managed projection and video systems for London's 2012 Olympic ceremonies.

  • Usamah Khan

    Data Analyst

    A data scientist originally trained as a civil engineer, Usamah is also a designer and photographer with a speciality in machine learning and applying AI in designing 'smart city' tools for other people, focusing on informing product decisions and building business intelligence solutions.

  • Nicole Afonso Alves Calistri

    Studio Manager

    Trained in Design Management & Cultures, Nicole is passionate about environmental sustainability and advocates for environment-centred design. She works with organisations to help shape conversations around the future of sustainability and social innovation.