Founded by Usman Haque in 2007, Umbrellium is a design and build studio dedicated to transforming urban environments and getting communities meaningfully involved. Get in touch if you'd like to find out more about how we work.

We are a team of architects, designers, tactical urbanists & creative technologists with years of proven experience in designing and deploying award-winning urban technology and community engagement. We work with ambitious cities and organisations round the world to create everything from digital masterplans, spectacular interactive architecture and participatory platforms to dynamic streetscapes, collaboration experiments and urban technology infrastructure. Our mission in the coming years is to respond tactically to the climate crisis by reinforcing connections between human, natural and urban systems.

Some of our acclaimed work includes:

Core Team

  • Usman Haque

    Creative Director, Founder

    With a specialty in networked urban environments, interactive architecture & community activation, Usman Haque has designed & built all sorts of things: spaces, structures, systems, platforms, companies. Usman is founder and Creative Director of Umbrellium, a Design Council Ambassador, and also heads up strategy and investment for Starling Technologies, a spin-out from Umbrellium dedicated to pedestrian safety.

  • Ling Tan

    Senior Design Lead

    Featured in the Top 100 Women in Wearable and Consumer Tech, Ling leads Umbrellium’s work on wearables and air quality. A frequent panellist on urban technology issues, she is an experienced designer, maker and software developer originally trained as an architect, and specialises in community participation and creating participatory platforms using custom digital tools and social wearables.

  • Nicole Afonso Alves Calistri

    Studio Manager

    Trained in Design Management & Cultures, Nicole is passionate about environmental sustainability and advocates for environment-centred design. She works with organisations to help shape conversations around the future of sustainability and social innovation.


Clients & Partners